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Sometimes, our bodies just do not respond to diet and exercise the way we want them to.   Cosmetic plastic surgery procedures can reshape many areas by removing excess fat and skin and toning muscle.  Below are some of the procedures we perform for body contouring.


atlanta liposuctionAs thousands of men and women choose liposuction to remove fat in areas that just don’t respond to diet and exercise, liposuction has become the number one cosmetic procedure in the United States.  Liposuction also referred to as lipoplasty, is a surgical technique that improves the body’s contour by removing unwanted fat from areas between the skin and muscle. 

Liposuction was once performed using a “Dry Technique”; however this technique was abandoned due to excessive blood loss.  “Tumescent” liposuction is the preferred technique with or without the new VASOR Ultrasound powered assistance.

Liposuction can help sculpt your body, restore a more shapely form, and improve your fit in clothes by removing unwanted fat from specific areas, such the abdomen, love handles, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, upper arms, chin, cheeks and neck.

Liposuction is a safe and effective method that can reshape your body, and restore a healthier appearance that can match your inner health. In select patients, it can even be done as an office procedure, see “Lunchtime Lipo” below.

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Tumescent Liposuction

atlanta tumescent liposuctionThe tumescent technique is a relatively new liposuction method that can reduce post operative bruising, swelling and pain. The word “tumescent” means swollen and firm.  The tumescent fluid is a precise mixture of intravenous fluid containing lidocaine (for numbing), epinephrine (for less blood loss). The warmed tumescent liquid is injected into the treatment area using a small instrument with tiny holes to allow the tumescent fluid to slowly infiltrate the area.  Liposuction is then performed on the tumesced areas.

In the tumescent technique, once the areas of excess fat are injected with a large amount of the tumescent fluid before liposuction can then be performed. The liquid causes the areas of fat to become swollen and firm or "tumesced." The expanded fat areas allow the small cannula to travel smoothly beneath the skin as the fat is suctioned out.

The tumescent technique for liposuction 1) provides local anesthesia, 2) constricts blood vessels 3) provides replacement fluid to the body.

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Vaser® Liposuction

VASER® assisted Liposuction, also referred to as “VASER LipoSelection®”, is a new way to precisely and effectively remove unwanted fat.  An alternative to traditional liposuction, LipoSelection uses state-of-the-art ultrasound VASER technology to reshape your body.

VASER LipoSelection® is a new technique that dissolves the fat with its ultrasound, atlanta VASER LipoSelectionthermal energy.   VASER LipoSelection is tissue selective, meaning it targets fat cells, leaving the vascular, nervous and connective tissues unharmed making the results remarkably smooth.

Similar to Tumescent liposuction, Dr. Klein infiltrates the area of treatment with the tumescentfluidsslowly to allow full saturation of the treatment area.  A small VASER cannula is used to liquefy fat cells, making them easier to remove.  The VASER vacuum-powered cannula, or tube is used to remove the fat.

 “Smoother results are achieved with use of the VASER,” says Dr. Klein.  “In addition, I am able to remove more fat while delicately re-sculpting the area.”

With the addition of VASER assisted liposuction, Premier Image Cosmetic & Laser Surgery is able to offer patients “Lunchtime Lipo” to treat smaller areas like “love handles”, thighs, arms, neck, breasts and abdomen. 

VASER®  LipoSelection® offers many added benefits:
·  Local anesthesia
·  Easier fat removal
·  Improved contouring & sculpting
·  Less bruising and swelling
·  Quicker recovery

General anesthesia may be your best option when removing a large amount of fat.  However, the anesthetic contained in the tumescent solution provides numbing, combined with light sedation often provides sufficient comfort for the procedure.  The advanced sculpturing techniques of Dr. Marc Klein are described by our patients as “Life Changing”. 

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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

atlanta abdominoplasaty tummy tuck  

A tummy tuck, or an abdominoplasty, can significantly enhance your appearance and self-confidence. The procedure involves the removal of excess skin and fat from the abdomen and tightening the muscles of the abdominal wall.

This procedure tightens the skin, as well as the muscles of the abdomen to restore the tight and youthful appearance lost after pregnancy or weight loss. This procedure can dramatically reduce the appearance of a protruding abdomen, remove excess bulk, and recreate a waistline that has otherwise been stretched over time.

The best candidates for abdominoplasty are men or women who have a flabby abdomen. There are not only excess fatty deposits but also excess loose skin, even hanging skin. The surgery is particularly helpful to men and women who, through episodes of weight gain and loss or pregnancy, have stretched their abdominal muscles and skin beyond the point where they can return to normal. Also, loss of skin elasticity in older patients, which frequently occurs with the normal aging process, can be improved as well.

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Thigh Lift & Buttock Lift

atlanta thigh lift buttock liftFor better shape and a younger look. A thigh lift is a surgical procedure to remove skin and fat from the thighs to tighten the skin and improve the contour of the legs. The combined effects of aging, gravity, fluctuations in weight, and a loss of skin elasticity all contribute to loss of tone in the thighs as we age; thigh lift surgery can markedly improve the appearance of your legs.

A buttock lift improves and/or removes excess, sagging buttock and thigh skin that has developed as a result of weight loss, aging and gravity, or genetics. The result is more flattering and toned butt and thigh contour. Buttock lift may be beneficial for a patient whose thigh appearance improves significantly simply from the manual lifting of sagging skin.

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For slim, supple arms. An arm lift, also known as brachioplasty, is a surgical procedure to remove loose skin and excess fat deposits in the upper arm. With age, upper arm skin can become loose and flabby.

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Body Lifts

atlanta body lift  

A "lifting" of the entire trunk (abdomen, flanks, and back) and sometimes of the buttocks and thighs, is sometimes needed, especially after large amounts of weight loss. Excessive skin and loose tissues are removed, and the contour is improved by "lifting and tightening" in a circumferential fashion. This is usually an extensive procedure that requires general anesthesia, at least a short hospital stay, and a more involved recovery period than other standard body contouring procedures.

For the right person, the rewards can be great, completing the process following weight loss and restoring improved contour.

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Upper Arm Lift

The drooping of skin is from a stretching of the anchoring system of the arm and loss of supporting fat. Patients are very unhappy with this "loose hammock" appearance.

Brachioplasty (arm reduction surgery) can remove excess tissue and reduce the circumference of the upper arm. Surgical correction depends on the amount of extra skin and how loose the supporting tissues have become. Extra skin is removed from incisions along the inner arm. The incision must be placed where the tissue can be best tightened but the incision must be well hidden as well.

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