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As Seen on FOX5 HealthWatch

Dr. Klein Speaks about Lipodissolve


As Seen on FOX5 HealthWatch
with Reporter Beth Gavin of Fox5 News Atlanta

Quick Lift
Air date: November 16, 2005

A new facelift developed by facial plastic surgeons William E. Silver, M.D. and Louis M. DeJoseph, Premier Image Cosmetic & Laser Surgery offers a more youthful look in half the time and half the cost of a traditional facelift. Premier Image was featured on Fox 5 News explaining that the “QT Mini Facelift” is for patients who don’t have the time or money for major plastic surgery. During the procedure, patients are under local anesthesia while the skin is tightened around the neck and face, the same as a traditional full facelift, but scaled down. Smaller incisions are used resulting in less swelling, less bruising, and a recovery time of only 3 to 5 days. The patient featured on the story was a school teacher. She had the surgery performed on Saturday and returned to work the following Monday.

For more information, contact the staff at Premier Image 770-457-6303.

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atlanta reconstructive surgery



William E. Silver, MD "works his magic" on Rafael Diaz
As Seen on Channel 11 News

July 4th will be a holiday that Rafael Diaz will never forget. It was on that day of celebration for most, that he was brutally attacked by a group of teens and was left with severe injuries to his face and right eye. Fortunately for Rafael, Dr. Silver and Dr. DeJoseph belong to an organization called Face to Face, which is a group of plastic surgeons from all over the world who donate their time and talents in order to restore the lives of many who otherwise just have to live with their disfigurement.

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Dr. Silver and Rafael Diaz.
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Advanced LipoDissolve is a procedure used by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Marc Klein of Premier Image Cosmetic & Laser Surgery to dissolve fat.  LipoDissolve is a procedure that uses standardized protocols for subcutaneous micro-injections with the sole purpose of dissolving fat. 
LipoDissolve is a procedure that involves micro-injections of a formulation consisting of two naturally occurring chemicals, phosphatidylcholine, alsoknown as soy lecithin and deoxycholate, into the fatty areas.  These chemicals act like detergents and have the ability to dissolve fat.  These chemicals are part of your digestion system, naturally stored and secreted by the gall bladder to digest fat.

LipoDissolve is not a weight loss treatment; however it does result in loss of inches making it possible for many people to wear clothing 1 to 2 sizes smaller than before. 


  lipodissolve back after.jpg
LipoDissolve 4 weeks after 1 treatment

LipoDissolve treatment does cause mild pain during injections with mild to moderate bruising, swelling and tenderness in the injection site typically lasting from 4-7 days.

The results of LipoDissolve are gradual and with larger areas, treatments can take a few months to become obvious.  Results of smaller areas become more noticeable in just a few weeks.  A loss of 2 - 3 inches of fat usually requires 3 to 4 sessions.

Before LipoDissolve   After LipoDissolve under chin area
lipodissolve_chin2_before_t.jpg    lipodissolve_chin2_after_t.jpg
LipoDissolve 4 weeks after 1 treatment 2

So what’s the difference between Mesotherapy and LipoDissolve. Mesotherapy is a slower process and requires the use of stronger chemicals. Mesotherapy requires numerous sessions and is much more expensive than LipoDissolveLipoDissolve contains a standardized mixture, requiring smaller injections, fewer sessions and the response is a much more rapid response.

LipoDissolve should be administered by Board Certified Plastic Surgeons; however because the procedure is cosmetic and requires CASH money, there is a bandwagon of professionals clamoring for the business. Check your physician’s credentials and experience with LipoDissolve.

Consultation is paramount in deciding whether LipoDissolve is a good option for you.




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